Intentional Gatherings

Confidants, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, relatives, spouses, and companions all provide a life-enhancing social net — and may increase longevity. It’s not clear why, but the buffering theory holds that people who enjoy close relationships with family and friends receive emotional support that indirectly helps to sustain them at times of stress and crisis.” -Harvard Health Publications – Harvard Medical School

An unlimited welcome under-girds everything that Imagine offers. The community points to Human Centered Design as a guide that informs all that we offer.

The power of intentional community provides a shared support system that medical science is proving has impact on physical and mental health.  Gathering to learn and cultivate stress reduction and self-awareness in classes, workshops and retreat settings provides opportunity to meet people who might share values and intention.

 Organic friendships and connections are happening all the time as people meet and share story and the gift of shared intention to find renewal and wellness through the practices we offer.

(1) Beer, Conversation, and Spirituality

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This group is about sharing perspectives, listening, and learning from one another as we address questions about life, spirituality, purpose, faith, doubt, etc. Our goal is to learn from one another. We believe that every person is sacred and has something valuable to contribute to our conversations and our personal lives.

We will select 3 spiritual thought-provoking questions to discuss as a way of framing the evening’s discussion. You are still welcome to bring another question that the group can also consider addressing. We are about creating positive momentum in the community and the chance for all of us to work together for the common good, rather than seeing one another as opponents who need to be drawn into our own religious circle.

All are welcome to come as often as you like to the table for drink (alcohol or non-alcohol), food and of course, great conversation to learn from each other how we can keep practicing ways to honor each other for who and where we are.

We hope to see you!

(2) Living Room Conversations

In today’s world, we often find ourselves unable to connect with people of differing perspectives. Not understanding each other has led to dehumanizing others in a way that is detrimental to our society as a whole. This has led to our increased polarization and political gridlock.

Living Room Conversations is a simple way that anyone with an open mind can engage with friends in a friendly yet meaningful conversation about topics we care about. These conversations increase understanding, reveal common ground and allow us to discuss possible solutions. No fancy event or skilled facilitator is needed.

When people of all walks of life begin to care about one another, they begin working together to solve the wicked problems of our time.

Living Room Conversations is an open source project.  Please use, share and modify with attribution to

(3) Soulcraft Series: Pizza, Beer, and Soul Poetry

Join us as we explore the deeper, emotional roots of poetry or “soul speech” as it’s sometimes called. Given that the soul prefers to speak in images and symbols, poetry – our own or others – is a natural pathway to soul. Poetry, brings together the linguistic, linear part of the psyche with the imaginal, holistic part, enlisting the thinking mind in the service of soul, image, and feeling. By immersing ourselves in the rich symbols of verse, we enhance the ego’s ability to converse with soul.

The intent of these gatherings is not to simply sit in a group and read poetry to each other. Nor are they meant to be an intellectual exercise where we discuss and debate the particular style of a poem or it’s author. Rather, the intention is to take a handful of poems, decided in advance, and really take a good look between and behind the lines and verses, for what the author is really trying to convey on a deep soulful, emotional and imaginal level. To talk about why a particular poem or a particular verse or even a specific line seems to mysteriously resonate even while the thinking mind sometimes struggles for clarity and meaning.

Sometimes held at a private residence, other times at a local pub, the gatherings are meant to be equal parts fun and informal social event as well as a source of personal reflection on one’s own journey to soul, all in between slices of pizza and glasses of beer or whatever your thirsty for.